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Ariane Clement Phénothérapeute

« Understanding The Phénothérapie« 

Ariane Clement Phénothérapeute and astro-psychologist. It receives one or group in Paris and Vincennes. Ariane also runs various courses and workshops. « Freedom from abuse and maltreatment » is the theme of his new studio. We had him consecrated, a three-pronged folder in which we did discover his career and experiences. As we promised, we were to meet him. It is in his « personal universe » she chose to engage us, frankly. If you liked the record that was spent, you’ll love the way she talks about her work. One who loves to contribute favorably to our well-being, we book with the right words so helpful to the restoration of wounded souls keys. Healing for Ariane Clement is simply leave survival to live!

By Aissatou KOUROUMA.

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