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BE Box: the first African box, ethical and natural

BE Box: the first African box, ethical and natural

The Loop Ebony Association (BE) and Mysekit brand just launched the BE Box. This surprise Afro-Caribbean-inspired cabinet, gives you a taste of the universe BE With beauty products, fashion, decoration, gastronomy, through the blink of an eye culture. Found, for example in this pretty box, products signed Farida B, Karethic, Laura Sim’s or Delights Guyana. Note, this launch is accompanied by a flap secured since BE Mysekit and are committed to supporting the quality made in France as well as successful initiatives such as solidarity and ethical programs conducted by Karethic Benin and Kikoromeo, Kenya . On each box sold, one euro is donated to Imagine Project support people, in the shadows, acting in the service of others.

BE Box is available exclusively on the site Mysekit to 29.90 euros, limited edition. When natural beauty is in the service of ethics, we love!



By Mistoura Yessoufou

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