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« Flash », the rebels figurines by Jessica Harrison

« Flash », the rebels figurines by Jessica Harrison

Young British-born artist, Jessica Harrison now had his first solo exhibition entitled « Flash » at Galerie LJ in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, until 24 June Specializing in the art of sculpture, she obtained her PhD in 2013 at the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. All of his work is characterized by a reflection on the human body and its changes: we particularly remember his original series of miniature furniture faux human skin.

« Flash » is defined mainly by a wonderful series of porcelain figurines tattooed on « The Painted Ladies ». Delicate and shifted both the work of Jessica Harrison centers around the practice of tattooing called ‘flash’, namely the typical reasons given by tattoo artists (skull, mermaid, heart, etc..) That artist also illustrated through a series of drawings that accompanied his figurines.

The exhibition is divided in the basement with a new series of sculptures, rougher this time, representing three-dimensional major symbols of the culture of tattoo flash.

More : Galerie L.J., 12 rue Commines, Paris 3ème et 

By Anne Waas

Flash Jessica Harrison1
Flash Jessica Harrison2
Flash Jessica Harrison3
Flash Jessica Harrison4

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