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Masaba Gupta, the rising star of Indian fashion

Masaba Gupta, the rising star of Indian fashion

Ranked in the top 8 of the Indian fashion designers increasingly seen by the Huffington Post, Masaba Gupta is a young designer of 25 years, talent recognized by his peers. In 2010, at age 21, she became the youngest designer launched lorsde the Wills Lifestyle Indian Fashion Week, the biannual event staple of Indian fashion. His method is both simple and chic, combines traditional Indian sari styles such as Anarkali or (robe completed trousers with the same fabric) with more modern cuts, influenced by the West. Masaba Gupta dares bright colors such as canary yellow, eggplant, red bell pepper or azure it accords with touches of white or black, providing a surprising refinement, for the greatest pleasure . She does not hesitate to mix dress codes different Indian tribes (Hindu and Tamil for example). This bold touch won the famous Indian house Satya Paul who gave him in 2012, the position of creative director. She was just 23 years! Today his talent also attracted many Indian Bollywood stars including celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan or Shilpa Shetty.

More: or Instagram : masabagupta

By Maya Duringer

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