Pure happiness …

Pure happiness …

Several of my friends and relatives know my interest in Corsica and culture.
They regularly send me information, especially on shows in Paris with Corsican artists.

I recently received from one of them, a poster to present a singer Christophe Mondoloni, which occurs in the theater of Mathurins where he performs songs by Tino Rossi.

Several of my friends and I, we decided to try this unusual musical experience in this type of speaker with, in addition, a slight apprehension about the possible « monotony » of a recital related to a succession of  “soft” songs . Our seats were booked. The home theater is very friendly, the room is not huge, and we are immediately at ease in this setting.

At the scheduled time, the singer entered the stage accompanied by his musician, pianist and accordionist.

The magic happens, a lovely atmosphere takes hold of us, the stage is small but original: a piano, a table, chairs and a fixed or dynamic projection of images on the back of the stage, artists are simple , seductive, the voice of Christophe is captivating, the music is beautiful, the show’s script is punctuated with a « mini intermission » unpublished.

Several reminders with new seconds of happiness, and then the curtain falls gradually fade the lights, he must leave his seat, out of this exciting and serene atmosphere.
One last emotion during the meeting with very accessible artists.

The show ends January 4th, 2015.

If this article pleases you, do not hesitate to plebiscite some more, I will continue with this trip.

Jean-Marie Halper

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