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The Boyfriend Jean, is « like »!

The Boyfriend Jean, is « like »!

The Boyfriend Jean is jeans with a masculine cut, for us girls!

He just borrowed from our boyfriend (hence the name « boyfriend »). In the end, right off, it‘s just wide enough to give a nice fall on the hips!

It gives a casual side and it’s up to us to create our universe around it!

It is worn on all occasions (picnic lunch lovers, brunch with the girls) except as part of a job interview because of his torn effect of course!

Always remember to make the bottom hem at the ankles and wear it with a top that hugs your curves more or less but certainly not as wide XXL + large = not pretty!

There are clear, dark, it is worn with pumps, derbies, sandals It’s comfortable and naturally gives a distinctive look to our outfit!

Here, just for you, eight styles with jeans Boyfriend. The choice is yours.

More information, a shopping accompaniment?

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