The little princess from Luanda to Paris

The little princess from Luanda to Paris

While in Paris in early June for exceptional photo shoot with Mario Epanya, Sandra Cordeiro, the little princess of Luanda, returned to France in September 2014 for a series of concerts.

After a highly acclaimed debut album in 2008: « Tata N’Zambi » (Heavenly Father), the beautiful Angolan sign a second album in 2013: « Luandese » which evokes both Luandans and life in Luanda. Sublime fusion of Angolan rhythms and different musical influences of the artist and songwriter of 28 years, the album is a beautiful musical surprise. It suggests that the bubbly and smiling Sandra is a great future in the footsteps of the diva Cesaria Evora.


« Esquece » a superb duo


Video Sandra Cordeiro in Angola

« Luandese »
the Luandans


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