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Third « Meet Nappy of France »

Third « Meet Nappy of France »
Eurosites St-Ouen - L'entrée principale

Eurosites St-Ouen

Initiated in 2012 by the Guyanese Miguèle Serbin, the third « Meet Nappy * of France » will be held on September 13 at Eurosites (Saint-Ouen).

From one year to another, this great initiative has grown since 200 participants in 2012 and 700 in 2013, organizers expect more than 1,500 this year.

The day will be punctuated by workshops, activities and dedications of the authors in order to share, learn and value the woman with natural hair.

This year it is the Senegalese Adama Ndiaye, founder of the Black Fashion Week, which will be the godmother of a demonstration under the banner of natural beauty.

Almost everything is in this statement Miguèle Serbin, « You find ethno-French brands of hair care products and cosmetics, concerned with our problems. There will also institutes ethnic beauty, hair salons and specialized professionals to let you know the good spots. We will offer options with exotic flavors Lokal peyi. This year it will be available, accessible child care is a small space to 4 years. In addition to workshops available at different times, the small ethnic crafts will not be outdone. Come, it’s free! « .

* Movement in vogue in France, from the United States, which means « Natural and Happy. » It defines the black and mixed women who keep their hair natural (no relaxer or other chemicals).


By Nala Yamour

Chronic Nappy Girls - 2013 Edition

Nappy meeting of France - 2012 Edition

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