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Who is the buzz on the web?

Who is the buzz on the web?

This week in the spotlight on the Net, we find Sister Cristina performing « Like a Virgin », the hidden secrets of the food industry and many other subjects, all as entertaining as each other. So enjoy!


Do you know Sister Cristina? Well, she is none other than the winner of the TV talent surprise The Voice Italy last June. She regaled us with his interpretation of the songs « No One » by Alicia Keys and « I can not get you out of my head » by Kylie Minogue. Good Italian sister made ​​news again with his surprising cover of the famous and sulfur tube Madonna « Like a virgin« . Experience the classic 80s pop, transformed into a romantic ballad.

Qui fait le buzz sur la Toile-ebola

With the panic caused by the Ebola virus, began a movement of stigmatization of Nigerians living in the United States. To counter this, Shoana Solomon, photographer and TV presenter, has launched a campaign on social networks, with the slogan « I am a Liberian, not a virus. » Nigerians from all walks have posted their photos where everyone carries a sign with this slogan.

Who would ever think to offer tastings of McDonalds products at the annual conference of gastronomy, in Houten in the Netherlands? It is the attempt by two young Dutch, Sacha and Cédrique with aplomb. This tasting by « experts » promises surprises!

Kate Cooper, a marketing consultant for the food industry, we entrust disarmingly key secrets used in the food marketing to get us to buy everything and anything. Testimony that returns us to our own role and our power as consumers. Sensitive, beware!

And as usual, here is our little moment of sweetness with a little boy in a suit of Minions, characters from the cartoon « Me Despicable. »

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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