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Who made ​​the buzz on the web?

Who made ​​the buzz on the web?

Menu buzz of the week: the controversy, the unusual and a little Halloween flavor in music. I let you discover this buffet of buzz and tells you next week. Use without moderation, please!

You want to separate your kitchen is the room turns you do not know how? Look no further, employees NPIRE creations studio in Hamburg, found the solution. They built a wall of 2.75 m 3 m with no less than 55,000 Lego bricks. This wall built in a year, serves as a separation between the office and the kitchen. What do you think?


« Can we? », here’s another way we could give this video directed by Vikas Bahl. This short film titled « Going Home, » comes to us from India and makes living in a young woman played by Indian actress Alia Bahtt, which breaks down at night on the road, en route to her home. A car occupied by five men stopped beside her. But what will happen to him? In this short film Vikas Bahl raises questions about the possibility that a woman could be in this situation and help of the male sex, without fear of danger. Is this possible or totally unrealistic?

Campagne Victoria's Secret- The perfect Body

After Stella McCartney and his photo on Instagram (see « Who’s the buzz on the web? » October 5), it is the turn of the lingerie brand Victoria‘s Secret of the wrath of Internet users. Indeed, the brand has launched a new campaign called « The Perfect » Body «  » (in French, the « Body » Perfect) registered an audience of mannequins body for less lanky. Customers denounce the use of the word « Perfect« , « Perfect », accompanying a photo of models far from the image of the « stardard » woman. Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides & Laura Ferris, three students from the University of Leeds in England, launched a petition on the site, already signed more than 12,900 times, demanding an apology from the brand. They also invite users to use the keyword #iamperfect to denounce advertising. At the same time, other users highlight the possibility that the « Perfect » does not refer to the « Body » body (which is in quotes on the posters) but the bra. What do you think?

You could not miss the Halloween party without a nod. Here is a video of 38 seconds of the singer Kenzie Nimmo, who gets the song « I put a spell on you » originally performed by Bette Midler in the movie « Hocus Pocus » on Halloween.

And as we like everything in FP cute, here’s a hedgehog dressed as Dracula in the true spirit of Halloween. Except that melts … instead of being afraid!


By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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