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Who made the buzz on the web?

Who made the buzz on the web?

Abuzz this week on the Internet: a little balm to the heart of questions about the choice of laughter with Inbar Amid, as well as other beads can not miss, as always. It’s time to go see this!


Amid Inbar, Israeli of Libyan descent, shares in this video his questions about freedom and the multitude of choices that confront it. Proud to be a modern woman, it does raise the question of free choice have so many choices to the point that no longer knows what to choose, make a choice without much whether another would not have been better, choose not choose … Inbar Amid literally feels trapped by « choice ».

What Signs (signs, in French)? This is a restaurant in the city of Toronto (Canada), which highlights the sign language. First of its kind, the hotel has only deaf servers, communicating only with sign language. The opportunity for customers to discover and practice sign language. This initiative Anjan Manikumar gives them a chance to « employees with disabilities. »

If Barbie was in our image, that is to say, a normal woman with forms? This is the question answered by the designer Nickolay Lamm, who has created a Barbie with the proportions of a girl of 19 years. For this new doll called « Lammily », the designer went to add stickers sticks to represent freckles, tattoos, stretch marks or cellulite.

On the occasion of the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in the state of Washington, the video channel Cut Video published on November 19, a clip titled « Grandma smocking weeds for the first time » (Grandmothers smoking cannabis for the first time in french). Indeed, the video shows three grandmothers smiling ready to try. A humorous video that totals more than nine million views in just two days.
Qui fait le buzz sur la Toile-semaine47-animal-hug

A little hug to end? Here are photos of our great pets that will warm your heart.

Par Mistoura Yessoufou.

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