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Women’s magazine Happinez

Women’s magazine Happinez

Happinez which is defined as the first « mindstyle magazine » France is in Dutch origin. Created by craftsmen by Inez Van Oord with some friends there 10 years Happinez quickly grown and now stepping in France thanks to Nathalie Cohen and his team.

Very nice paper, licked the design, vibrant colors and a cheerful graphics, it also has the merit of offering a wide choice of subjects. Items, as regards the first two numbers are well documented and writing fun to read: dive into the festival of colors in India, practicing Zen in Sweden, simmer soup wonton, be persuaded of the virtues of winter, discover the existence of products from the 4 corners of the world or deepen theories of great thinkers such as Albert Einstein or M.artin Luther King … with contributors such as Paulo Coelho, Pierre Rabhi, Jamie Oliver Chief kitchen or Yasmine Lienar, to name a few.

Definitely, with a proposal as promising Happinez has a long life. We wish him that his meeting with the French audience is most inspiring.

By Patricia Etifier

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