5 livres à la Une

5 books on focus

Not that kind of Girl

Not that kind of Girl Lena Dunham

Writer, director and actress Lena Dunham is the creator of the hit series Girls.” It is with this cult series she wrote, produced and directed in 2012 it became a prodigy and critically acclaimed thirty. In “Girls” precisely, it takes a leading role and became “the voice of a generation.” And one of the most iconic muses and more exciting than you can imagine. If you like Girls,” you’ll love this first book already sold in 22 countries. Irony, humor, charm, self-deprecating, engaging personality and talents of Lean Dunham stated clearly with this fun and easy to read book. A “must have” for all the “girls” of today.

Not that kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham, Belfond Editions, 320 pages, 20 euros.

New African Affairs Pierre Péan

Pierre Péan is a writerinvestigator. He is the author of more than thirty books, including “African Affairs” (1983) which caused quite a stir on the role of “Franco” in the oil-rich emirate black, dominated by the Elf group . In these “New African affairs, lies and looting in Gabon,” the author makes the abysmal record of the current government of Gabon. Accusations of corruption, embezzlement of public funds, assassinations, rigged elections with the help of Paris, of ill-gotten gains in France and elsewhere, of delusions of grandeur Read, absolutely, to understand and analyze the reign calamitous Ali Bongo.

“New African Affairs” by Pierre Péan, Editionss Fayard, 254 pages, 18 euros

Nouvelles Affaires Africaines
Nouvelles voix du Caine Prize

Snaphots- New Voices Caine Prize

This is a selection of six new long welcomed by the Caine Prize (an offshoot of BookerPrize) for Anglophone African literature. You will discover or rediscover No Violet Bulawayo, Olufemi Terry, Constance Myburgh, Rotimi Babatunde, Tope Folarin and ChineloOkparanta. A smart way to go to meet this new generation of writers who share current topics: violence, poverty, corruption, but also hope to be found in each of these new that makes you want to go further to meet these talented authors.

New Voices Snaphots- Caine PrizeEditions Zulma (Diffusion Threshold), 215 pages, 18 euros

Enclyclopédie des fleurs de Bach d’Alessandra Moro-Buronzo et Bérangère Arnal.

Cette encyclopédie va fasciner tous ceux qui s’intéressent au développement personnel et aux méthodes naturelles pour se soigner. Il permet de découvrir, sous formes de fiches détaillées, les 38 élixirs floraux réalisés à partir d’essences de fleurs, mais aussi de mieux comprendre la vie et l’œuvre du docteur Bach. Vous saurez comment et pourquoi les élixirs floraux stimulent la vitalité et harmonisent la vie psychique en agissant sur les états émotionnels à l’origine des maladies. Vous apprécierez notamment le bilan personnalisé qui est proposé en fin d’ouvrage. Il permet de cibler et de répondre à vos propres besoin. Cet ouvrage est bien écrit, de façon claire et accessible à tous.

« Enclyclopédie des fleurs de Bach » d’Alessandra Moro-Buronzo et Bérangère Arnal, Editions de la Martinière, 400 pages, 22, 90 euros

Enclyclopédie des fleurs de Bach
Changez d’alimentation

Change Power Professor Henri Joyeux

This excellent book is now in its 7th edition, revised and expanded. Professor Henri Joyeux gives advice to health easy to implement. His argument is simple. If we give our body the right foods, we have the best chance to stay in excellent health and the most of your physical, intellectual and emotional capacities. The key is to keep strong and effective immune system to prevent bacterial or viral invasion and the pesticides we consume our environment through the digestive or respiratory. An accessible book that answers intelligently and simple questions we ask ourselves every day about the dangers of GMOs, autoimmune diseases, gentle steam or red meats.

“Change powerProfessor Henri Joyeux, Editions du Rocher, 451 pages, 24 euros

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