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Sisterhood at your fingertips


International, open to the worlds we all genuine cultural Métis. But above all, we are sisters. Born in Jakarta, Joburg, Tunis, Paris or New York, our differences are not as great as our anchors. Curious and foremost other women are innovative, dynamic and optimistic. They travel more and love to decipher the world around them. To meet, they needed a space, a magazine, a forum like them. Around subjects that inspire us all, we will talk through “Women in the plural,” culture, fashion, beauty, news.

At a time when the world becomes, in one click, a global village, this online magazine is yours: a clearinghouse of ideas, skills, talents. In everyday life, we will share beauty tips or decoration, subjects “art de vivre”, we discuss our travels, our music but our little secrets on the way to a “wellness” inside. Come capitalize as often as you like, ideas, successes, struggles and hopes of women today.



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