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The young and dynamic Nigerian Achenyo Idachaba created her company “for-profit and social purpose” MitiMeth in Ibadan in 2011. By transforming invasive waterseeds in everyday objects, the company protects the environment and creates jobs. Explanations

A few words to introduce your company ?

Achenyo Idachaba profilMitiMeth is a Nigerian for-profit social enterprise established in 2011. MitiMeth creates and sells handicrafts (accent furniture, stationery, multi-purpose baskets, lamps, dining-ware and branded souvenir items) from invasive waterweeds and trains riverine women & youth to do likewise. MitiMeth’s training programmes address the fundamental need of communities to be economically empowered through skills acquisition and job creation. MitiMeth is helping Nigeria to reduce poverty & hunger and also helping to make the environment more sustainable. MitiMeth has 7 full-time employees and 3 contract Artisans. So far, MitiMeth has trained 80 women and youth from 8 riverine communities in Delta, Bayelsa and Lagos states and the plan is to reach out to several more.

What is according to you the key to your professional success?

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There are several keys to my professional success to date. But paramount of them all is faith and a deep sense of conviction. Passion and enthusiasm. Focus. Dogged Determination. Discipline. Hardwork. Integrity. Perseverance. Humility. Innovation. All these keys have at various times unlocked potential and hidden opportunities for me in my journey with MitiMeth.

How would you like your business to grow?

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MitiMeth’s vision is to become Nigeria’s #1 choice in eco-friendly handicrafts. In order to achieve this, we need to grow demand for our products and grow our production capacity. This means reaching out and empowering more communities to produce and creating market linkages for this production capacity. To that effect, we are looking for potential 3rd party retailers to stock MitiMeth products. We would also like to start exporting within the next year and must be market ready for that expansion activity by integrating more rural communities into our supply chain. All of these can be summed up into this equation:Thriving Communities = Growing MitiMeth Business = Wealthy Nation.

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By Claire Renée Mendy.

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