Tiki and Polynesian dreamed by the pop America

affiche_tiki_popThe Quai Branly Museum hosts until September 28, the exhibition “Tiki Pop: America’s dream Polynesian paradise.” Tahitian Tiki means both Man, God or God-Man. The human figure carved symbolizes the mythical ancestor of man, halfhuman, halfgod. The exhibition revolves around the fantasies of America for 60 years and this oceanic divinity considered carefree life, the islands of the South Seas. And authentic Polynesian sculptures will rub objects modern idolatry, pop accessories that evoked the eyes of Americans, the dream of this exotic paradise of the South Seas.

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Cinema in Moonlight settled in the 13th arrondissement of Paris

Ciné Quartier 13From 19 July to 2 August, Area 13 film” gives you an appointment in the parks and gardens of the 13th district of Paris for outdoor screenings. This new edition offers 3 features selected the theme “Music and dance” films. A selection that makes you a cinematic journey through time, from the 50s to today. Program: “Sita Sings the Blues” directed by Nina Paley in 2009, “Three up to 26” of Jacques Demy and “An American in Parisby Vincente Minnelli in 1951.


Women’s cycling also makes its Tour

TOUR DE FRANCE FEMININEOn Sunday, July 27 will be held the first edition of the “Race by the Tour de France.” This race begins and 100% feminine finish on the Champs Elysees for a ride of 90 km. The International Cycling Union (UCI) takes advantage and starts with its partners, the “Week of Cycling Womenfrom July 20 to 27. An event that will help raise awareness of women’s cycling at all levels by encouraging more girls and women to participate in races.


The summer festival Grenoble returns for its 16th edition

Cabaret Frappé de GrenobleFrom July 21 to 26 will be held the 16th edition of Cabaret Frappé Grenoble in the Garden City Kiosk. Major festival of contemporary music, this new edition takes you on a rich musical journey around France, England, Finland, Ghana, Hungary, the United States, and Senegal. The talents of the Grenoble scene will not be outdone. Program: Sena Dagadu, Tricky, Empire Dust, Lou Marco, Christine Salem and many others.


The golden age of French fashion at the Musée Galliera

-The 50s are being honored during a sublime exhibition at Palais Galliera in Paris until November 2.

Exceptional pieces in this exhibition depict in some 100 models and the evolution of the silhouette of 1947-1957, the golden age of French haute couture. At the exhibition are presented sumptuous dresses that belonged to celebrities but also old dresses the Duchess of Windsor, large client of Christian Dior, which alone characterizes the 50s and helps make Paris the world capital fashion.


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