Dany Atrache 2014

An air of romance blows on the Spring-Summer collection 2014

True to its neo-romantic vision of the modern woman, Dany Atrache collection gives us an impression of sweetness.

If it were a painting, it would be that of an aerial figure walking through a flower garden, touching the floor barefoot, letting the sun caressed by a soft spring covered with a lace veil on the skin.

His locker wants powdered with palette side, color mixing water green, pink, sahara beige, ecru, blue sky hazy and timeless black for night sobriety in any discretion. This idyllic woman plays with transparency and touch, use and have fun with lace, lace and chiffon draped. A falsely wise this woman dream creator decidedly romantic, fatal to the spell speed.

Website : www.blackdress.fr

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Polyvalente, je teste pour vous des spas, des lieux atypiques, des produits beauté ou de nouveaux objets destinés à émerveiller notre quotidien. J'aime la vie. Les voyages. La slow food. Le développement personnel. Je suis une jeune femme d'aujourd'hui et de demain.