Des bienfaits du cacao

The benefits of cocoa

A little history…

Cocoabegan to begrown on thelandof Mexico bythose who arethought to have beenthe first peopleto taste thecocoain beverage form, the Olmecs(1500-400 BC.). Its cultivationthen spreadto theMayan and Aztecpopulations. The beanhas been usedin several ways:as a monetaryunit astax collectionor asgifts. Consumptionas a beverageremained aprivilege reserved for theupperclasses butitsrefreshingand comfortingvirtueswerethereforealready known.
It was not untilthe sixteenth centurythat cocoa isdiscoveredby the Spanishand then followsitsexpansionthroughoutEurope.

It was the Europeanswho began tomix thecocoawith refined sugarto make it lessbitter andadaptto the tastes ofWesterners.We now know thatsugarreducesthe medicinal properties ofcocoa,which is why itis best toconsumethe darkestpossible andthe bestvintage.

What are theproperties of cocoa?

Ripecacaobeancontains more than 200health-promotingsubstances.Besides containingmagnesium,iron, vitamin C, cocoa contains:

– Theobromine

This chemicalis the mainstimulating ingredient innon-roasted cocoa. It has a mildand durable stimulanteffecthavinga positive effect onmood andmaking one slightlyeuphoric. This compound is alsolipolytic, in other words, cocoa helps toburn fat,so let’s gomerrily!


Cocoa isoneof the richestantioxidantsources, standingin front of thered wine,green tea,acaiberries andevengoji berries!
Over the past decade, studies have shown that consumptionofraw cocoaordark chocolatemay play an importantrole inour healthon many levels. Indeed, it isrecognizedasamong otherhearttonicandmuscle relaxantdue to its highlevels of magnesium.
– Youth

Theflavanolantioxidantcontentinbeanshelps tokeep ourcells young! This is afighting against freeradicals responsible for theagingof our cellscompound,which is why itis good to havea highantioxidantdietand cocoahelps us!
– Brain Health

In addition to beingdelicious, cocoa helps maintainour memory andability to concentrateinpromotingcerebral blood flow.
– Heart Health

Flavanols, among all theirother qualities, have the particularity tomaintain blood pressureand blood flowat reduced levels, they also lower thelevels of “bad” cholesterol, help to reduce the riskof blood clotsand improvetheelasticityof blood vessels.
-Skin Health

By promotingblood flow, anti-oxidants help toimproveskin hydrationandelasticitythat bringit shine.According to a studyby Dr.Williamsin 2009 (University of the Arts,London), regular consumption ofchocolatepreservedproperties (raw) gives the skinphotoprotectivepropertiessoprotectyourskin from UV rays. Eat chocolateanddo cocoafacial masks and you will beshining!
Antioxidantsare indeedthe star ofcocoabut othercompounds are also activeand beneficial tous:



Is a molecule thatinfluences theemotional controland gives youa strong sense ofhappiness.

Finally, if thechocolatehas many virtues, it is also a powerful aphrodisiac. Indeed, cocoa stimulatesthe reproductive organs andasa vasodilator whichallows men to increaseinlovemakingstrength.We understand whychocolateis offered forValentine’s Day…

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