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Des bienfaits du cacao

The benefits of cocoa

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A little history…

Cocoa began to be grown on the land of Mexico by those who are thought to have been the first people to taste the cocoa in beverage form, the Olmecs(1500-400 BC.). Its cultivation then spread to the Mayan and Aztec populations. The bean has been used in several ways : as a monetary unit as tax collection or as gifts. Consumption as a beveragere mained a privilege reserved for the upper classes but it’s refreshing and comforting virtues were there fore already known.
It was not until the sixteenth century that cocoa is discovered by the Spanish and then follows its expansion through out Europe.

It was the Europeans who began to mix the cocoa with refined sugar to make it less bitter and adapt to the tastes of Westerners. We now know that sugar reduces the medicinal properties of cocoa, which is why it is best to consume the darkest possible and the best vintage.

What are the properties of cocoa?

Ripe cacao bean contains more than 200 health-promoting substances. Besides containing magnesium, iron, vitamin C, cocoa contains:

– Theobromine

This chemicalis the mainstimulating ingredient innon-roasted cocoa. It has a mild and durable stimulant effect having a positive effect on mood and making one slightly euphoric. This compound is also lipolytic, in other words, cocoa helps to burn fat, so let’s go merrily!


Cocoa is one of the richest antioxidant sources, standing in front of the red wine, green tea, acai berries and even goji berries!
Over the past decade, studies have shown that consumption of raw cocoa or dark chocolate may play an important role in our health on many levels. Indeed, it is recognized as among other heart tonic and muscle relaxant due to its high levels of magnesium.
– Youth

Theflavanolantioxidantcontentinbeanshelps tokeep ourcells young! This is a fighting against free radicals responsible for the aging of our cells compound, which is why it is good to have a high antioxidant diet and cocoa helps us!
– Brain Health

In addition to being delicious, cocoa helps maintain our memory and ability to concentrate in promoting cerebral blood flow.
– Heart Health

Flavanols, among all their other qualities, have the particularity to maintain blood pressure and blood flow at reduced levels, they also lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol, help to reduce the risk of blood clots and improve the elasticity of blood vessels.
-Skin Health

By promoting blood flow, anti-oxidants help to improve skin hydration and elasticity that bring it shine. According to a studyby Dr.Williamsin 2009 (University of the Arts, London), regular consumption of chocolate preserved properties (raw) gives the skin photo protective properties so protect your skin from UV rays. Eat chocolate and do cocoa facial masks and you will be shining!
Antioxidants are indeed the star of cocoa but other compounds are also active and beneficial tous:


Is a molecule that influences the emotional control and gives you a strong sense of happiness.

Finally, if the chocolate has many virtues, it is also a powerful aphrodisiac. Indeed, cocoa stimulates the reproductive organs and asa vasodilator which allows men to increase in love making strength. We understand why chocolate is offered for Valentine’s Day…

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