La canalisation ou communication avec les êtres de lumière partie3

Drains or communication with the beings of light – Part 3/4

«How to recognize the purity of a pipe ?»

How to detect if the received message is a pure channel? How do I know if it comes from beings of light? Have you ever had the feeling that you just received is tinged with the influence of the transmitter? Are t he in items received details or signs that you are not unknown? Do you own the feeling of having heard a particular message? Have you ever felt uncomfortable with respect to a message that was given to you by a channel? How can we develop our sense of discernment? The means of communication used by the beings of light and ascended masters are sometimes misunderstood the “channel” itself. The transmission of these messages come from a process of complex, sometimes involving use of energy in the “channel”, which is called an “out of complete or partial body” with a special pack that is carried out in general during sleep, and this for many years. This allows him to anesthetize all expression called “invasive” of his ego which could distort the messages it receives. Others work differently: they transmit what they mean” or “what is handed to them.”

During communication, some receive messages telepathically, and others are called in so-called spiritual adombrés scene ‘It happens in particular cases, the hand movements of the channel can be influenced and and he finds himself practicing automatic writing. All these means of transmission of messages may be more or less subject to “the spirit of the moment the channelto his mood of the day or to his intellectual abilities or even his egotistical needs. In the latter case, the “mediums” are accused of expression instead beings of light and are easily confronted with unfair judgments and bitter. It’s not because people expect too “human channels” as it takes to be swayed. Yield to the demands of this type only serve the real “channels” that have heart to faithfully transmit the messages. The need for new or extraordinary sensational lose sight that “the simplest lessons are sometimes the most profitable.” It is for these reasons that it is difficult and unwise to judge a pipe. You should know that each pipe to its purpose. Which for us has no sense, will significantly for another person. It will even be very useful for certain souls evolving with a different view from ours. Therefore, we understand why there is so different spiritual groups in lessons. Some lessons learned are not all identical from the point of this planet they are received. There are variants of evolution in some groups of souls, hence the need to diversify the types of pipes. A group of souls who plays a channel distorted” some lessons did not provided éloigé his journey towards truth. It’s just that he should be. We will soon discuss the different groups of souls and their mission.

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