La canalisation ou communication avec les êtres de lumière

Channeling or communication with the beings of light – Part1 / 4

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Le mot canalisation tire son origine du mot anglais «channeling» qui signifie «canal».

Ce terme est utilisé pour parler de la communication avec les “êtres de lumière”.

Qui sont les “êtres de lumière” ? (voir articles précédents dans FP) Ce sont des êtres spirituels, des maitres ascensionnés, des anges, et même des archanges. Certains utiliseront le terme d’entités de lumière pour les désigner. On dit que sur le plan de l’évolution de conscience, ces êtres ont de l’avance sur les autres humains.

Quel est le but d’une canalisation ? Elle nous permet de nous réconcilier avec la part la plus aimante de notre être. C’est un soutien, une guidance qui nous aide à obtenir nos propres réponses et à entrer en contact avec notre sagesse intérieure. La canalisation nous permet également d’avoir un éclairage stimulant sur nos dons, nos qualités et nos potentiels. Contrairement à ce que beaucoup s’imaginent, elle est à la portée de tout un individu dès lors qu’il développe ce contact, qu’il choisit d’entrer dans son “chemin de lumière”, sa quête personnelle ponctuée de recentrage et de méditations. C’est ainsi qu’il découvrira et pourra exploiter ses spécificités.

To be honest, the pipeline is not fancy, but we will deepen this aspect later. Just note that this is what can help make a special being, is also what can make him feel rejected. Some people find it hard sometimes to take the gifts that are revealed to them and are resisting. In general, it is the media that most of the time, offering sessions pipeline that can be “private” or “public”. They accept the “instruments”, intermediates that form the bridge between celestial and terrestrial planes plans. They allow you to communicate with spiritual beings to obtain relevant to the spiritual progress of the one who receives messages information. These beings are supporting us in our journey of life with lots of love and wisdom, and this can make all the difference to the person who is in need of emotional release. The medium that uses all senses to the pipeline such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, the clairsantience, among others, also a big help to his neighbor through receiving messages sometimes come from beyond (d beings disappeared).

This actually happens in the context of mediumship sessions room that can be pursued through private interviews at the convenience of the people. Receive messages from dead people can sometimes be very liberating, among other things, to pardon applications or situations unfinished with a close before his departure into the afterlife. The pipeline is to relieve, help them on the road without ever judging or deceive one who uses this type of session. The guidance is not to say or do instead of the other; its purpose is to nourish our daily life with a state of grace, peace, light, and reconciled with our own self, our first gasoline. Transmissions can be verbal, but in silence, or vibrational energy mode. The power of spiritual healing or guidance line helps understanding, restoration or transformation in our lives that need to be.

The beings of light” are the only ones who know what is the most suitable method for each individual, and the “channel” (the medium) must comply with this request in all humility. In this regard, we will soon be the basic rules that must be observed by all good channeler.

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