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La canalisation ou communication avec les êtres de lumière partie2

Drains or communication with the beings of light – Part 2/4

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«A real responsibility that must hang far»

About the pipeline, there are some basic to know and apply rules. Before anything anyone that channels must get rid of any notion of fear. Sometimes some people who channel have indeed afraid because they do not understand the process or because they dread the manifestation of negative entities. Any person engaged in the pipeline should be able to choose and decide who and what channel; just as it can choose our friends or business partners. If desired, the channel can of “firmly” to express his desire to be named and the origins of the entity or angelic being that he would like to contact. It’s not because she wants to communicate an entity is necessarily an enlightened entity and that any channel experienced knows. The level of awareness of the entity and the value of information must be felt by the channel.

There are several types of entities. Some simply want to chat, others have a specific communication plan, and some really have a desire to provide information to us informed and valuable advice that can sometimes impact on the rest of the lives of those for whom the information is intended. Beyond all the necessary qualities, there is an important place to humility and empathy. It is necessary to transmit information efficiently we must not forget that this is still a “human” which provides entities. Understanding can sometimes be incorrect and distorted by his views. He must give up his reality to be “partially quantum“. This also explains the fact that “the worst linestill remains a pipe. It can be simply wrong. Sacred texts we commonly “The Word of God“, we were delivered by men who, at some point; could be a bridge between heaven and earth. These texts were sent by beings who had the ability to be connected at the highest level. Some humans may well have the ability to pass through the veil, sometimes they do not know “sort” and they report information as they see or feel without putting into action their spiritual intuition. Of information mixtures are possible. We must therefore move away from those who do not have validation and can provide you with items that could never be realized, because only based on fear. Anyone who takes the responsibility to channel private or public should be aware that it should not distract the person she has in front of it, or the delay in her personal healing and spiritual growth. This is a real responsibility to be hanged far.

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