La maladie cœliaque Partie 4

Celiac disease what is it? – part4

As stated above, the diagnosis of celiac disease (due to the wide variety of symptoms) is often very long and difficult to establish: studies, this is done on average between 10 (Canada) and 12 years. For the avoidance of gastrointestinal complications (irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, inflammatory bowel disease ), doctors prefer to first rule out related to this type of pathology.

This is one reason why the diagnosis of celiac disease is usually done in three stages, namely: a blood test, a sample of tissue in the gut and diet to gluten.

The first step to detect the antibody level and to define, in case of high presence, abnormal bodily reaction to gluten. In families at risk, it facilitates the detection of people who may have the disease. The next step (removal of tissue) is carried out with a thin flexible tube inserted through the mouth to the small intestine. As for the diet to gluten, the test to confirm or refute the diagnosis of gluten intolerance. It‘s highly recommended to consult a doctor and therefore not only take the initiative of a diet to gluten.

In the “Output”, you will soon find a video presentation of a unique place in Paris: “NO GLU.” There are two years is Frédérique Jules infringement itself celiac disease who had the great idea to create a restaurant dedicated to people suffering from this disease. Visitors come from all over Europe to enjoy its preparations. Make it a ride: you are allergic, intolerant or hypersensitive, you will not be disappointed!


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