Cirkafrika is back !

Cirkafrika is back !

Back after a triumph in 2012 Cirkafrika 2 offers a stunning new show.

From November 15 until January 11, 2015, in Phoenix circus in Paris, discover fifty outstanding artists. Combining acrobatics, juggling, aerial acts, comic interludes, tap, ballet, gospel songs accompanied by a live orchestra, Cirkafrika 2 is between comedy and great musical circus. Cirkafrika2 is also incredible scenery will ship to the shores of Zanzibar suburbs neighborhoods of Harlem.

info :
Phone : 01 40 55 50 55

Cirkafrika game 2 and Femmes au Pluriel

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The top 5 winners will each receive two tickets to the Cirkafrika 2. They have a choice between two dates. Make sure you specify your name, address and telephone number.

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