Comment choisir sa lingerie

How to choose lingerie?

Ladies, we often think “clothing”, I’ll wear this dress makes me vibrate or this beautiful blouse.” Despite the care taken in the choice of clothing, sometimes you be disappointed because we find that “something” is wrong!

Yet in the shop, on the model, or the girlfriend, the blouse valued the chest, but it is not the same with you … Do not panic! Make sure you wear the right underwear! Yep our underwear is “BASE” of everything. Poor lingerie can quickly make you more stubby or give you the impression that you have sagging breasts, etc.

Here are some tips to guide you in your choices:

First of all, measure your bust measurement and control your level cap!

If you have flat buttocks, aim retro panties, boxers hipster marking galbent hips and buttocks.

If you have small tits then one will dare push-up bra triangle and rather thin straps!

For the fuller bust, it will wear underwire supports spanning rather to maintain the volume.

For those with wide hips, opt for sexy and notched shorty!

Finally, those with rather thin hips, this is a lucky: you can afford to wear it! The ideal is the famous string!

For more info, shopping or support, please contact our image consultant Leila NGOUOTO.

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