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How to choose your heels?

For a few seasons now, we dote more of these platform heels, stilettos that these are Coming! I too would like to show off with me … and reveal the Carry Bradshaw dormant in me! So I choose how? Help!

Here are 10 tips to follow

1 / Check the balance and the position of the shoe heel

2 / Identify any offensive seams with hand

3 / You wary of slide shoes

4 / Fidgeting your toes to see if they can all move

5/2 Try the shoes and walk a few steps

6 / Compare with another pair in case of doubt

7 / Carry your fittings in the late afternoon if possible

8 / Prefer a half size too, rather than less

9 / Listen to your feet, you must be immediately

10 / Train at home!

You are ready to choose your heels now, there has to tame!

Another idea : Register girlfriends at various schools exist: The Pretty Gambettes or Talons Academy!

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