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Diana Jue and Jackie Stenson fondatrices d’Essmart

Diane Jue and Jackie Stenson co-founders of Essmart

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Diane Jue and Jackie Stenson are both respectively international developper and mechanical engineer. The two Americans now live in India, where they provide life-improving technologies to villages. They tell us about Essmart, their compagny and it’s goal, but also that great human and technological adventure which began on August 2012.


Can you tell us a few words to introduce your company?


Essmart is bridging the gap in the global supply chain for life-improving technologies. We connect a catalogue of products, such as affordable solar lanterns and non-electric water filters, to village-level mom-and-pop retail shops so that villagers can learn about, access, and benefit from these goods.



What is according to you the key to your professional success? 


The key to our professional success is our team. We’re two American women living and working in south India, so we’ve come to rely on our team to execute our vision. Our team members, from our Indian managers to our Sales Executives who deliver the goods on the ground, are energetic, creative, and committed to our vision as much as we are. By building a family that works harmoniously, Essmart is able to succeed and create real social impact in the lives of people who can now access and use the life-improving technologies that we distribute.



How would you like your business to grow?


We would like Essmart to expand across south India, then the rest of the nation, and then globally to other countries. Our model is able to expand because it grows through mom-and-pop retail stores, which are present in every emerging economy. To date, we’ve moved 6,500 life-improving technologies through over 510 stores in six different regions of south India.



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