Djazia Satour prend son envol

Djazia Satour takes off

Young singer of the French scene born in Algeria, she left her country at the age of 15 years to settle down in France. It is in the Grenoble area and discovers she walks the scenes. She has embarked on a great adventure by Gnawa Diffusion Group, for which it will be vocalist for 4 years. Then it’s about his voice that fits the musical architecture of the MIG group where she became the singer at the age of 19 years. An experience that will last 10 years. It goes from scene to scene. And will have the opportunity to make the first parts of Sinsémillia, The Cranberries and Dionysus.

Djazia Satour swing a name, a name that slap she will deliver the secret sense” in an interview (note: to be broadcast next week) given to women in plural. She is beautiful and smart. She has a voice beyond the master of his art” allows him to spread a universal message of peace and tolerance. Until then, nothing really surprising you say? Think again, it is a worthy representative of the women who know not only what they want but also what they should in no case be encumbered. It asserts its presence with grace, her movements are fluid, his step is firm, his eyes bright and alert. She exudes the energy of these beings who have realized that they must take personal power” to offer the best of themselves in accordance with their share of humanity.

As evidence, she is freed from any constraint of style and shapes its new directory in a constant questioning. After two years of “internal kitchen” and “intuitive”, she understands that she is master of itself and of its choice . Djazia Satour then decides to make his first solo album Alwan (Music Unit). It is surrounded by Julien Chirol and Pierre-Luc Jamain, two professional public who know not only listen but also restore the wishes of artists known. This is of course, with 4 “very inspired” musicians it gives us a mixture of sounds that are the very foundation of his musical identity. Identity that is rooted in African-American music, the blues in particular, but also hip-hop. Listening to the result, any ear will detect a finely artistic research conducted, a strong personal dynamics and energy Djazia Satour which was paid for giving us this precious gem!

By Aissatou KOUROUMA.



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