Dominique Young Unique, the new bad-girl hip hop

DYU - 2Dominique Lashawn Clark, better known by the name of Dominique Young Unique is the latest sensation in the hip hop scene American. As well as his Australian colleague Iggy Azalea, she is part of this wave of ex-models well assumed that character into their heads to conquer with success the music industry.

After marching for several designers and posed in Vogue, Dominique Young Unique thus began his career as a rapper in 2009 with an EP entitled “Hot Girl”. First title which foreshadows an electric personal style and defiant, in the image of the young singer when she was 18.

Three highly acclaimed singles and a few mixtapes later this year rapper reveals his new single titled “Throw it Down“, released in April 2014. A piece with crazy energy like a musical encounter between Missy Elliot and House of Pain, with Dominique Lashawn Clark to retro and sexy Amy Winehouse false airs.

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The song “Throw it Downwas ranked right out at the head of the British charts and perhaps the long-awaited announcement of the first album of the young singer output. A very promising to monitor artist!

By Anne Waas

Dominique Young Unique, Hip Hop, Throw it down


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