Dossier La route des clameurs

Dossier “The road clamor” and Ousmane Diarra

« La route des clameurs »

[blockquote style=”2″]All sheep in the world leading to the avenue of laurels on which you can admire the loincloth of a woman whose infancy and singing winds will make you think about the night shadows that hide an old lizard crawling on the coast of Adam.[/blockquote]

Those who love his pen include through these first words that I pay warm tribute to this wonderful author Ousmane Diarra what … When Mali expresses the whole humanity that vibrates.

“The road clamor.” The first time I hear such, it rings and resonates deep within my soul like an unexpected promise. I had a terrible urge to read it. Then, I have the opportunity to hear the author speak very briefly about the fruits of his “creation.” Its simplicity, erudition and humility eventually convince me. I‘m starting

Simply put, like him; it is through the mouth of a child that you will begin the road shouts: “One morning, my dad showed a large blank table he had carefully hidden in the house. He knows his house more than anyone in the world, my dad. So he pulled out his table with brushes and paint cans. He settled in the street outside our house. He started scribbling, painting. He had almost closed eyes. People passing by stopped to watch as you look at a wild animal zoo, spinning around in his iron cage, which roared in vain anger. Heck, I‘m his son, I do not understand what he was trying to draw. He worked all day as well. It is at nightfall I saw finally emerge from his brushes an old pig … We are in Mali, in a bloody broth of intolerance, under the rule of Islamists led by the Caliph Mabu Maba said arrant Ranson Kattar Ibn Ahmad Almorbidonne, and struggling with the ferocity kids imams. A painter, also a former classmate of false caliph, is caught in the traps of obscurantism. It destroyed his family, it destroyed his studio, his paintings and sculptures in smoke. Only he still has his head full of irony to stand up to the invaders, unforgettable figure of our time leaded fanaticism father frail pride and ulcerated artist with devastating humor, human dignity and exemplary distraught … “C is a child says.

The road clamoror the romance of a Malian family against the Jihad. To learn more, you’ll have no choice but to go to the source. Feel free to leave to share your thoughts after reading. Send me your views, comments and personal requests by e-mail:

But who is Ousmane Diarra?

It was in Mali he is born in 1960 in Bassala. Like any “passionate early”, he found a way of devouring boxes of books delivered by the Red Cross in the depths of his village. Today, what remains of this period is precious, bright and very rewarding: an adult, in turn; he wields the pen and words with unusual dexterity. Lovers of literature, he will unleash his penchant in his first book entitled “Old lizard”. It’s in the second “Loincloth woman” that confirm definitively the utility to hang in libraries regardless of their age. It puts the power of his words, that he has forged since childhood. The story takes an equally important that literature in his life instead. He skillfully shows us, again with power and humility. Novelist, poet, storyteller and novelist Ousmane Diarra also wrote for children. He has participated in many events Storytime” at CCF Bamako since 1994, but also through Mali, and even in France. A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Bamako (Masters of Modern Literature), he taught French for two years. He is currently a librarian at the Cultural Center in Bamako. During his many travels, he exchanges in the writing workshops to the delight of the participants.

Feel free to leave to share your thoughts after reading.

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Paign wife, romance, Gallimard / Black Continents, 2007 (first selection of the 2007 Prix Renaudot).

Old lizard, novel, Gallimard, 2006 (TSX Discovery Foundation Prince Pierre de Monaco 2006).

Avenue of laurels news in Camp des Innocents, Lansman 2006 (collectively, Award Selection Williams Sassine).

Côte d’Adam, new, New Voices in Africa, Hoebecke 2008.

All sheep in the world, news, news in Mali, collective, Magellan Publishing, 2008, and Jamana, 1992.

Infancy and singing winds, poetry, Manuscript, Monaco, 2002.

Shadows of the Night, a collection of short stories, The manuscript, Monaco, 2002.

For children:

Fickle princess (audio book video monitoring), Bamako, Ed. Balanise 2006.

Twins in search of their mother (audio book followed by a video clip), Bamako, Balani‘s 2005.

Crusaders Tales, a collection of stories performed with Eric Chevillard and schools Quétigny – Dijon, Book Regional Center (LRC) of Burgundy, in 2004.

Nene and the caterpillar, illustrated tale, Bamako / Paris, The Fig Tree / Edicef 1999.

The long march of the thirsty animals, illustrated tale, Bamako, Fig, 1996.[/morphy_button]

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