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Exclusive interview with Lilou Mace – Part 2

As a conductor, it gathers souls who have found their way. Just like her …

Lilou Mace is its name, is a refreshing to be infectious energy. In each of its views videos- thousands of times around the world do we perceive its contagious joie de vivre and his innate sense of sharing and exchange. Without a doubt, this superb French, 1m 81, born in Santa Barbara (California), an August 20, 1977, bears the stamp of service to others and actively contributes to the well being of humanity. She had the brilliant idea in 2006 to create his web TV. His unusual background and inspiring is to discover in our exclusive interview (1/2). In this new interview she talks about her spirituality (2/2).
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Lilou Macé, Personal development, Spirituality



Polyvalente, je teste pour vous des spas, des lieux atypiques, des produits beauté ou de nouveaux objets destinés à émerveiller notre quotidien. J'aime la vie. Les voyages. La slow food. Le développement personnel. Je suis une jeune femme d'aujourd'hui et de demain.


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