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by FP | 5 octobre 2014 20 h 43 min

These videos and pictures made ​​us laugh, surprised, shocked, sometimes outraged, but we were unable to miss. They went around the web, social networks. And if you have missed, you have here the opportunity to page with Internet nuggets week.


By posting on Instagram a photo of a top of the new Summer 2015 collection, the English fashion designer Stella McCarteney has angered fans. Indeed, Internet users have been shocked by both the thinness of the model and the comments of Stella McCartney Well Worn !!! X Stella “(*). Here is the screenshot! The brand has apologized and replaced the photo, but without any allusion to the skeletal body of the girl.

(*) “Well worn !!! X Stella

Image-choc-Stella McCartney
Jane Bake _GlorifyHappiness

#GlorifyHappiness: Here are the new hashtag created by Jess Baker, an American blogger who encourages acceptance of her body as it is. She has published on 29 September, a picture of her proudly holding up his hands: #GlorifyHappiness. It is an invitation to glorify all bodies around the world. His voice has been heard since many women have followed suit by publishing them as their photo with the hashtag #GlorifyHappiness All bodies, all people (**). (**) Glorify the joy / All body, everyone”

A video to watch without moderation! It shows Mindy Kaling actresses (The Mindy Project), Emmy Rossum (Shameless), Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) and Eddie Falco (Nurse Jackie) exchanging remarks with their fans on their physique. There are also answers. Do not miss!

A small dog trained to find the owners of lost property at Amsterdam airport.

When ballet ballet rhymes with humor, it looks like this:

A small animated video on the life cycle of a woman.

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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