Fati Niang, best African Entrepreneuse France

by FP | 6 juillet 2014 13 h 03 min

Fati Niang et son diplome de meilleur EntrepreneurSenegalese Fati Niang received the award for Best Female Entrepreneur of Africa and France, with Black Spoon. It was on the occasion of the second edition of the African Entrepreneur France, organized by Africangel in partnership with Forbes Africa. A ceremony that recognizes and rewards the best African entrepreneurs France. In the category of creative and innovative women is Fati Niang has distinguished. Black Spoon, launched in December 2013, is the first African food truck in the heart of Paris. An original concept and trend came from the United States. Fati Niang offers in his truck and restaurant, African specialties from different countries.
Mobility that offers the entrepreneur an opportunity to discover as many African cuisine. You can enjoy the Yassa chicken and tiep bou dien of Senegal, but also mafé of Mali or the alocos (plantains) of Côte d’Ivoire. Not to mention the typical drinks like juice continent hibiscus, ginger, mango, papaya and soursop. The young woman offers to reach a culinary journey to the heart of Africa. Enjoy without moderation!




This is a typical dish of Senegal. Sauce with onions, chicken breast, all identified with lemon, accompanied by white rice steam off 2 times.



This dish comes from Mali. Peanut sauce base and beef, accompanied by white rice steam off 2 times.



Senegalese dish. Red broken rice 2 times with Grouper fillet and vegetables: carrot, cabbage.

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By Maya Duringer

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