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The woman I want to talk about today has experienced different stages of life, and that is the heart of one who seemed unfazed acquired and it suddenly questioned “happiness”. She asked questions, real questions, just and essential. On what? On the meaning of his life and actions in daily life. But his true mission in life. Thus, everything was renewed in it.

She left a job that every appearance left to believe that nothing better could happen to him. A situation that lots of people dream. She resigned a successful business and began traveling. Throughout his journeys, it comes into contact with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. In-depth work is undertaken on itself and there persists as “a true seamstress stone.” Except that the first stone that was given the task of polishing was herself.

In 2000, through his career change she finds meaning in his life through music and psychology. The “Seamstress Stonebegins to explore areas of healing in different aspects: mental, or physical energy, prior to synthesis that finally allows him to live his passion for psychology, while incorporating a holistic dimension of being.

Passionate astrology psychology and the soul, and that encourage the link between the spiritual and psychological, she decided there was a few years to issue bulletins related to the phases of the Moon and decision consciousness that we request each month. Newsletters that are very popular and she enjoys sharing with many people particularly interested in his work and his humble approach.

But who is this woman? This is Ariane Clement Phénothérapeute .

We will go to the discovery of his career, first, and then work in the coming articles.

«The journey»

“The journey

His need to broaden their horizons and understanding leads to form in astro-psychology for 5 years at Agape from which she graduated. His stage experience and vocal coaching she saw then pushes her to go contact the world of the body including the unconscious in the body in order to free his voice. This contact is experienced through sessions and training method Corazze Liberation (MLC @), directed by Marie-Lise LABONTE. She continued her research in the areas psychocorporels and energy to try to find an alternative to verbal therapy, as she had practiced as a patient, years ago, was not conclusive. Thus, it forms and experimenting with many psycho-energetic techniques (for main: EFT, The Metamorphic Technique, The release of the Globe, the Yoga of Sound, Drawing healing), which certainly helps the to advance, but it truly is a wholeness.

It was not until discovering the Phénothérapie she reunites with his first love for psychology, a not separated from the broader psychology, integrating all dimensions of Being. She is now a specialist in verbal and non-verbal dialogue, and it is through its unique approach to therapy that helps people it comes to free themselves from certain ailments and go to their own meeting, as she herself has had to do, years ago. An overview of his work on his website “The Wire Found”:

She gets to Paris (Nation to be precise) and Vincennes, in individual or group sessions, and also conducts workshops. Ariane Clement is a repair, incarnate, who deserves to be known for all readers of “women in the plural.” This is a woman who has “the heart in the right place.” When this is so, everything is fluid in our lives, and it is then natural that we shine on others, which can help to restore everything that has to be.

Feel free to leave share with “women of the world” nuggets you will, on contact, detected in you.

The Phénothérapie

What is it? It is a psychotherapeutic approach created by Louis Adorn, in the wake of founded by Guy Corneau. You can discover with Ariane Clement. We will soon be releasing an exclusive interview she granted us. She says her vision of this cover art, the results are surprising. Ariane Clement works with people who come to it in the encounter and transformation of their difficulties. The purpose of this work is to access a greater freedom of being, authenticity, self-respect and autonomy, with a growing awareness of its wealth, its inner resources through a meeting parts with shadows, light potential carriers. This approach is called “phenomenological” in the sense that it is based on what is living on what is presented in person.

Here’s Ariane Clement said the Phénothérapie and how it practice :

[blockquote style=”2″]The Phénothérapie is a holistic therapy, that is to say, incorporating the dimensions of the body, the psyche and energy, that part of the person and what is present at each session. It incorporates both modern data on perinatal matrices (design, womb, birth) that measures to psychoanalysis or evidence of trans-generational data through the use of the genogram. From the person that is co-created with her without a priori or limits related methods. Imagine psychotherapy in which the therapist begins to listen to all your dimensions (energy, verbal, non-verbal, emotional), allowing you to re-circulate your emotional world while putting you in touch with your deep understanding of mechanisms . A therapy in which you may also be listened around your deep wounds related to the incarnation. A therapy in which the relationship is paramount. I trained a lot of tools I can use in my sessions sometimes when it comes smoothly and without it comes cut what emerges in the sessionYet being listened broad and unconditional until my injuries to my coming in the incarnation, to realize through my transfer that I was planning on the world, all hosted by a caring and trusting and knew invited me to listen to parts unknown to me, was the most healing of all my life experience, and that’s why I chose to live in the people I coach. The tool remains a means, not an end in itself. Thus can be used when needed the following tools: visualizations, drawings, work psychocorporal (@ MLC), Energy Technologies (EFT, TAT, Libération du Globe), Astrology, Yoga of Sound, Metamorphic Technique (intra life uterus). Following the first 3 sessions a direction accompanying emerges. I like to support them in depth, in accordance with the emotions that arise and try to allow the person to regain a sense of the events that seem not to have to be able to reconnect with the magic of life gradually. .. It is important for me to go with an application, so that the person can mobilize in one direction. However, I welcome what comes up in real time and all the manifestations of the unconscious around sessions (dreams, signs of the day …).[/blockquote]

Today truly take care of yourself and feel of well-being is not an easy task. From theory to practice is not difficult to overcome. However, it seems to me essential to think of himself as we all know: our well-being depends on our ability to treat us with kindness and gentleness. Ariane Clement invites women everywhere to take the plunge.

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