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An alert decoy is launched for wayward signs to distant realities hot sands, iodine and energy waves. This return requires having good sea legs anchored to the floor …. daily easements put the scope of the cooing summer. Certainly, Venus in Virgo will nevertheless for a week, a saving aspects with Pluto (metamorphosis) in Capricorn from September 12 until September 17. Return to Earth will be easier. Notice to signs that do not want to undo their sandy in the beautiful and ephemeral oaths suitcases. The others, those who manage to keep a cool head, will come more readily in the repetitive round of daily business.



FISH : You do not want to leave the blue waters of your holiday !

Water is your element of life, you love the aquatic environment that makes you slow or undulate fiery rhythm of the waves of existence that cradle you or shake you without hitting you too. At least that is what you crave. This goes back, like all others, take you unceremoniously from your perspective, your stubborn dreams. The holidays are right for you forever because your imagination needs to be fed constantly. But often chimeras arrive, in this case, to have the last word always ephemeral. Your loves are sailing at this rate and Venus in Virgo, from September 5, opposite your sign you off as everyday of your love is stripped of his magic elsewhere. Fortunately, lucky Pisces, Pluto watch on your nostalgia and gives you a clear look, from September 12 for the first decans (February 22-March 2). Other decanates will be affected similarly, after September 12 except the third (11-21 March), which is supported by Saturn (projects and links on the long term).

GEMINI: Venus in Virgo makes you doubt your seduction!

As of September 5, Venus leaves the Lion, so favorable to your love, to enter the more inhibited Virgo. You, so expansive (ive), if impulsive (st), the Venusian rays of Virgin stimulate you little: their brilliance so bright in Leo and lit so your attractiveness during the summer, is markedly diminished in so sober Virgo. Opposite this Venus, that is to say in opposition, Neptune in Pisces in an unfavorable appearance in the first decanate of Gemini (May 21-June 3) is provider of illusions. Either the back is a sign of separation or the reality is different than too exalted in the hot sun. The energy is therefore not to go all the planet Mars that the prodigal enters a sign of true fire, but away from you, the Sagittarius, from September 10. This is always the first decan that will be affected until the end of September. Fortunately some counterweight size are there to
come to the rescue: Jupiter in Leo benefactor around you loyal and stimulating friendships, and Uranus (change and renewal) in Aries which promotes advances being that you are doing. A comeback that ultimately leaves you open doors for the development of your brain. Other decanates, less exposed to the weather, will be more concerned at the end of September. We will return.


VIRGO: Neptune you quarrel with your love!

Although Venus, planet of love, moved Sept. 5 for a month in your sign after shining in the sign of Leo, it is tinged with the reserve and so legendary retaining your sign. Neptune opposite in the sign of Pisces, is often a purveyor of illusions that does not give a clear view of reality planet. You’re so immersed (ed) in a bubble where lovers meet your doubts anxious character. Suddenly, you are, once your bags or put time suddenly sullen, prey to changes in moods that will destabilize and deprive you of an optical resolute and dynamic. This intermittent passing moods anxious fortunately mitigated by the planet Pluto (challenged) who is staying in good aspect, in Capricorn, an earth sign like yours and that of your love. The first decanate of Virgo (August 22-2septembre) and manhandles his imagination while emotional supports are real.
Get back in the saddle because your concerns are not relevant. And between September 10 and September 15, your fears will gradually rise. Other decanates are less exposed and better living continuity of their love.

SAGITTARIUS: A Venus makes you very expansive (ive)!

Fire sign and the optimism at all costs, you have benefited from August exceptionally emotional joys provider with a generous Venus in the sign of
Lion accompanied by Jupiter, the amplifier. These joys will there been a time? This Venus in Virgo who shows up in bad aspect to Neptune (illusions) in the sign of Pisces, just bring a small cloud on your joie de vivre. Why? Virgo is the sign of Mercury, very cerebral world. When Venus moved there for a month, it becomes more circumspect, she wondered, she questioned. Which is the case at the moment for you, Sagittarius. Especially as the Virgin not as favorable appearance with Sagittarius. One, the Virgin, is on his guard, while Sagittarius is an extrovert explorer. This Venus transit in a sign of decline, but also of reflection gives Sagittarius rather unusual reactions: certainties are shaken, especially his amorous certainties; This is a temporary passage to be overcome by the acquisition of a greater emotional maturity. Delicate period, certainly for the first decanates of Sagittarius (November 22-December 2) but rises rapidly after September 10 to March 1, again conquering your own fire sign. The two other decanates will, themselves, briefly exposed to lighter annoyances that fade at the end of the month.




TAURUS: A little softness of Anjou found after solar tensions!

There you can blow and end your anger kicks back too. The month of August was horrifying detached with Venus and Jupiter in Leo who upset all your holiday plans or love or just hope for peace. Certainly Jupiter remains in Leo but it does mean you have to settle legal questions. As to that between Venus in Virgo, it comforts you, from September 5, your bad moods summer. In your home, harmony settles again, and you find your beloved homebodies comfort habits and small daily joys. Even a flashback …. Or a new love. You have the right to be again the darling of your returning planet Venus, which protects the sign of Virgo, quiet love. The first decanate (22 April-2 May) is the most favored with a significant shift in the affective domain. Other decanates expect the end of this month to receive some compensation for emotional restrictions of Saturn (austerity) in Scorpio (sign contracts for Taureans) and opposite your sign.

CANCER: A more peaceful cocoon!

Led by Venus in Virgo, from September 5, you will receive an additional astral support: indeed, the planets Mars (combativeness, until September 10 as a sign of Scorpio friend) and Saturn (discipline) also favorable appearance since Scorpio support you effectively. You’ve needed as the planets Uranus (sudden change) and Pluto in Aries (challenged) in Capricorn, both in hostile appearance you have messed up their lives since 2011 You live since July 16, on a much fashion less tense. With the arrival of this very emotional Venus in Virgo will form a promising aspect with Saturn (affective strength) from September 11 to 25, the chances of reconciliation and renewal are affirmed, including the first decans (June 22-July 2 ) from September 5 to 16. The most favored are the second decans (July 3-11) of 11 to 22 September. As for the third decans (July 12-22), the period will be nice from 21 to 30 September.


SCORPIO: A loving and promising friendship!

When Venus finally leave (for you) the Lion, September 4 to stay for a month in Virgo, you will finally create better attention of the person who attracts you. More attentive (ed) less inaccessible, more open (e), you’ll be more in tune with each other that is the object of your desire and evolving probably in your friends around. As of September 5, the first decans (October 21-November 2) are the lucky ones: they will live, in fact, a lovely period from September 5 to 16, where several planets will be complicit in your beautiful state of love: include Neptune Pisces, in the home of your love, that makes you sail to the waves of complicity with your sweetie (ie), Pluto in Capricorn you metamorphosis. The second decans (November 3-11) will cross the same sensations from September 17 to September 22 and the third (12-21 November), less exalted but well relented.

CAPRICORN: A discrete Venus bestows his blessings?

This Venus you like: in Virgo, an earth sign like yours, and good appearance, it shows that inhibition you demonstrate your love life. It brings you from 5 September and in good aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, from September 15, stability in your affections. This stability, you had not seen for two years with Pluto in your sign has a messed up life seemingly row. Uranus (sudden change) in Aries and was also faced hostile Pluto (challenged). It happened that during the last two years until July 2014, the majority of Capricorn saw his life trajectory upset. Today, the storm has settled because you have new astral reinforcements including Saturn (discipline) in Scorpio that helps you with a safe parachute landing. Venus arrives and in a climate that has subsided since the summer. All decans are pleasantly affected by this romantic breeze that gently enters your life. The second decanate (January 2-12) can enjoy it fully from September 12 to 22.




LION: March supplants Venus to boost your energy!

A turning point for you begins with the entry of Mars in Sagittarius September 10. Although Venus in Virgo reduces elk lovers, she is temporarily put on hold because other imperatives are emerging holders of outstanding opportunities: not only, Mars in Sagittarius will fire a good aspect to Jupiter (good fortune) in Leo but will train for more than one month a golden triangle of possibilities multiplied with Uranus (unexpected) in the fire sign of Aries. This is the most important time of year for Lion as it begins a major shift in current projects. It is a powerful development tool ample and safe. Only downside: Saturn in Scorpio plays the brakes for the second decan (3-12 August). But a brake can not resist the winner Jupiter / March / Uranus that will sweep all before it trio. So in this issue one, Venus, modest in Virgo will only exist during this auspicious period.

LIBRA: Your relationship radiation is tenfold!

You are storing in the closet of old and nasty memories that have brought you a hard time for almost two years. Of course, your two hostile planets, Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) are still the acting but other planets have come to extract you from this barrage: First Jupiter in Leo exempt you from its protective rays whose powers are amplified by a superb Mars (fighting spirit) that comes into Sagittarius on 10 September. On one piece, calendar knows no crisis: you are asked (ed), hosted (ie), listening (ed), wanted (ed): Your talent is skill and courtesy reached its potential. You are reliving. And if Venus in Virgo makes you suspicious in love, it will arrive in early October in your sign, certainly seductive, and here we see its effects on your charm and your love.


AQUARIUS : Mars can he counter this Saturn is holding you back?

What happens to you suddenly? Your entourage, astonished, you hardly recognize, you are a shadow of yourself, a bit tired by the attacks of a virulent Saturn from Scorpio, hostile to yours. All your efforts, and you have concerns, are pilloried as much as Mars (the fighting) in Scorpio since July 26, also came wearing a hand to Saturn. Worse, Jupiter (good fortune and law) in Leo, resolutely opposed to your sign, does you little gifts. When you move, be it that of a millimeter, the obstacles seem to pop up everywhere. While Aquarius is a combative and inventive sign, inaccessible to despondency, there, enough is enough and she even goes far. But you hold out like any self-respecting Aquarius especially since March, when leaving the Scorpion enters the sign brings much or flamboyant for you, Sagittarius. You will take off as an identified flying object
too long prevented in flight. Be careful though to remain in the nails of legality: Saturn and Jupiter, lying in wait, you can play nasty tricks. Be careful! By the way, remember that Venus will enter into Virgo on Sept. 5 … Had you forgotten? That’s right, it is so mild that it really is the least of your worries! …..

ARIES: You can prancing with impatience and darken as you like!

Since Jupiter in Leo effectively protects you soon escorted Mars in Sagittarius September 10, both fire signs and therefore favorable appearance to yours, also fire, a broad boulevard opens unleashing your renewed energy and is activated in all directions. Fortunately, these actions are not done in the wrong order or in this impulsiveness that made you legendary but with a well thought out and innovative energy, thanks to Uranus fire that stays in your sign. Although Pluto (challenged), prevents you to develop yourself as you hear it and you put a spoke in the wheels, its strength is reduced by your two astral and offensive running mates that are Jupiter and Mars. Your business is not lagging behind and will develop. As for your love, it’s not a hot topic as hot as your personal projects. The heart will wait! ……



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