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How to adapt the Scandinavian design our interiors?

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By “Scandinavian” means the entire Nordic region ( Finland – Sweden – Denmark – Norway and Iceland ) that is known for its design from the 30’s, in creating common everyday objects (lighting, furniture, kitchen utensils …) modern, beautiful, functional and cheap.

This creative ferment that will live its heyday in the 50s and 60s, will hatch beautiful pieces of design become iconic and the advent of masters of engineering as Verner Panton (and its seats plastic), Alvar Aalto (and his Savoy vase) Arne Jacobsen (and his chair Egg Chair in others) elliel and Eero Saarineen (and chair Knoll) Hans Wagner , Louis Poulseul (and fixtures) and Marimekko (and its tissues printed), to name a few.

These creations all meet the same criteria of clarity, simplicity, comfort, beauty and ecology (natural furniture, crude and renewable materials, elements * DIY made from Recycling ‘).

To make a Scandinavian look to your house, so remember:

Wood & light furniture (pine, birch, light oak, fir, beech …), floor and stripped walls, neutral colors, pastels (full range of white, beige, greige, gray -blue, etc …)

rugs, fabrics and materials pleasant to touch (cotton, linen, silk, taffeta ..), plush carpets, curtains, sweatshirts, cushions, crockery “cocooning” (pretty ceramics eg.) ambient lighting that warms a wood stove in his “habit” black elegant.

Role play some of your creations home or the furniture that you can not get rid of, you “customiseriez” for the occasion.

Reclaimed wood, transport pallets, old gunny bags used for shipping, choice of fabrics, “masking tape” and other Japanese papers, industrial parts reused, there are a multitude of things that can be transformed and adapted to a Scandinavian universe.

It’s a choice of light colors can be awakened by a guideline black or half color (s) free (s) or flashy. Ask at strategic places your favorite heart, gifts that we gave you, your travel memories. Personalize your space and make it unique.

Treat yourself to 1 or PLUSIEUR (s) head (s) of implementation of the vintage or contemporary design. Instantly, your room will take the character and elegance.

Marry keeping in mind that all should be simple, consistent, lightly loaded and practice. Reward trials, place, move, test for a few days, create anything! Find your own personal universe Scandinavian ….

* Do It Yourself – this term encompasses everything we create and decorate yourself.
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