Only you- Comment bien choisir son chapeau

How to choose a hat?

The hat, which have long disappeared from our wardrobes, is back for several seasons, to our delight !

Nope, the hat is no longer only reserved for the wedding of Aunt Harriet, but it is well and truly become a fashion accessory that can be worn during cold weather or during the hot weather, in any case, it’s an accessory that will sublimate, complete your outfit or simply protect our hair

Completed “I have no head for hats” or “waouuu this hat fits him really well and I …” STOP! The trick is to know the style of hat that suits us and especially one who goes based on the shape of her face

Are you ready? So here we go!

If you have a long face

Si vous avez le visage allongé

Prefer brimmed hats because the idea is to compensate rather wide, and bonnets will be your best friends. A chance because there is something for every taste! Felt, wool, rigid, flexible …

If you have a round face

Si vous avez le visage rond

The trick is to break the round building on hats with bells node, berets to step aside, caps or unbalanced!

If you have a short face

Si vous avez le visage court

It’s simple, we will try to lengthen your face! How? Choose top hats! In other words, Borsalino is perfect!

Finally, if you have an oval face, the face says “I-DE-LA”, you are a lucky, you can afford all hats : broad, tops, asymmetrical or not .

Remember too, that the most important thing is to feel good about his or her hat style !

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