Comment  s’habiller quand on n’aime pas ses jambes

How to dress if you do not like her legs?

May Day! I can not stand my legs, I find them too round or too stained, I do not want to show! What do you do?

le pantalon

1 st tip : pants of course, but not any!

Leaves to hide his legs as well do it with prints or high waist, for example, that correspond to your body and your style!

la robe

2nd tip : Overuse dresses or long skirts! Even asymmetric, semi-transparent, ankle length, dress a little bohemian, hippie chic! So that it reveals what it takes while hiding the most important, so you’ll feel better!

les sandales

3rd tip : The choice of shoes is essential!

Beware of too heavy shoes, offset, wide flanges, riser who do not value the broad ankles!

Prefer fine and feminine sandals, ballerinas Turned Heel or not!

Now you are ready to be the most beautiful!

By Leilla Ngouoto society Only You – Conseil en Image

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