Comment trouver son Moi véritable

How to find his true self?

A journey like no other …. You had the trigger? The questions are linked in you? You feel the desire to get in touch with your inner being? Calling the true knowledge of SOI occurs very often have a desire to learn, to discover another dimension of yourself.

In fact, you learn to be guided by “your first Essence”, this bright part just waiting to be revealed to you. She asks to flourish and express themselves … So, we come in connection with it, and we experience situations that transform our inner state resulting in us. Joy and a sudden sense of freedom

Remember the last time you said to yourself: I have a hunch that this is how I must act! That’s what I do! A little voice telling you: your intuition am !

encounter with our bright, powerful and grandiose party causes mental and bodily sensations that may act as a source of energy and makes us grow vibrational state (at this stage we entering a dynamic psycho-energetic). For awareness of this new vibrational state, I invite you to observe your strength, your ego games that you needed and, especially truly cultivate trust, confidence. “The surest way to discover the truth is no longer resist what comes.” The observation of our feelings, our emotions, and practice more active meditation are effective keywords that will make you experience the discovery of your true power. You discover gradually, as in reality, spirituality is more or less a natural and vital function of the human being. It is through observation, exploration, experience and listening to our feelings that we will enter in the same process of spiritual development, the search for Me, SOI. Awareness and responsibility that make us recognize our strengths, weaknesses and limitations; naturally we will force with confidence and determination to welcome the resurgence of our old emotions to definitively say “NO” to this feeling of emptiness that will get us out of a confusing way. Our thoughts, our bodies (and why not our souls) will live the evolution of our minds in truth and freedom.

It is a form of climbing which everyone aspires. It is in light of our life in the midst of others that we are often heckled by our need to experience our spirituality. Our next appointment will enable us to discover how letting go with different techniques of “alternative” therapies. Feel free to share topics and questions that challenge me, send me your opinions, remarks and personal requests by e-mail to

I will be happy to answer them!


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