L’inspirante MELINDA GATES

The inspiring MELINDA GATES

Melinda Gates is the co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the wife of Microsoft’s creator.
After studying science, she obtained an MBA in 1986, which led to working at Microsoft, where she held numerous positions of responsibility. She will meet Bill Gates, with whom she shares her passion for science and philanthropy, within the compagny. Leaving the company after marrying Bill, she has first been devoted to her family and then involved fully in their foundation.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses its energy on access to education, health improvement and end poverty in the world.
Melinda was elected in 2005 by Time magazine, the personality of the year next to her husband Bill and Bono, thanks to their involvement in non-profit organization.
Today the foundation employs over 1,000 people and continuously fight against disease and illiteracy.

Forbes magazine, which publishes each year the list of most powerful women in the world, ranked her third in 2014. Her commitment and credibility allows the association to raise funds throughout the world and redistribute to other associations and actions that they want to encourage. And thus change the lives of many individuals


By Betty Sulty Johnson.

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