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Is it possible to overcome the stretch marks? If so how?

To be honest with you, it is unrealistic to think you can completely erase stretch marks!

We can decrease the width or color streaks when they are not too old.

But not all techniques are the same!

Thetrophic, as a cream, lotion or oil are geared towards the recent stretch marks when they have an inflammatory appearance. Their action is to restore proper hydration and improved elasticity … Personally, I especially recommend preventive use!

Vitamin A acid, topical prescription and medical supervision helps regenerate the skin by causing exfoliation, but its irritant nature does not always allow a long-term treatment …

Ask your dermatologist.

phenol or TCA peels they depend phototype: For skin that pigment, these are mainly of TCA phenol is indicated only for Caucasian skin … And the results are as!

Finally, dermabrasion and Laser allow very satisfactory results but indicated only on Caucasian skin. They are currently the most effective, even on older stretch marks.

Finally, prevention is better than cure! Stretch marks are often the result of weight gain … so Do not make the yoyo with your weight.

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