C’est décidé, j’arrête de vouloir être parfaite

It’s decided, I’ll stop trying to be perfect !

In my last article, I gave you three good reasons to get out of the fantasy of perfection we all. Maybe you do I believe? And if that is the case, maybe you thought, “that’s fine, but in practice, how can I do? I’m going to answer this question.

1. You’ve taken the first step: you have decided to change! This is important because any great progress starts with a decision. Now, it is equally important not to stop there: you need to take action now! So for you to achieve change quickly, I chose to give you 7 practical strategies to free you from the dictatorship of perfection:

2. Accept your mistakes : It is very difficult to take your mistakes as you want to show the world how much you are perfect. Therefore, it is tempting to want to make excuses or lie to get away when you make mistakes. Do not fall into this trap more. If you know that you‘re wrong, admit it, and see how you can repair your fault.

3. Forgive yourself : you are not perfect, it is a fact, even if it breaks your heart! When you make missteps in your day, as you get angry against your children, say the sentence wrong thing in front of your boss or other gaffe, repeat to yourself several times the following sentence: “I ​​forgive and I love me. You feel the pressure down sharply.

4. Take risks (! Measured), dare to try things : You will fail sometimes, certainly. You become aware of your imperfection, your humanity, and you shall offer an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

5. Review your paradigms : they are rules, often unconscious, you‘re set. Most of them are unattainable. For example: I am a good mom if I never get angry. By accepting this rule, or you are unable to set limits on your children or you feel guilty when you have to say to them. The two situations are not healthy, you open the floodgates of guilt. Make a list of your paradigms and identify those that are inaccessible. Replace them with rules humanly easy to reach.

6. Learn to say no, you say yes too often, just so those around you love you, and think that you are really great, perfect. And it costs you money, since you do put the needs of others before your own. Listen to your feelings: If inside, you feel you must say no, tell it with elegance.

7. Affirmez votre amour pour vous-même: cela peut paraître bizarre à première vue, je vous l’accorde ! Et pourtant, c’est tellement primordial… Quand vous êtes-vous dit « je t’aime » pour la dernière fois? Il y a longtemps ? Peut-être même jamais ? Répétez-vous cette phrase : « Aujourd’hui, je m’aime et je m’accepte comme je suis », plusieurs fois dans la journée, et dans l’idéal devant un miroir.

8.  Allow those around you to be imperfect : your daughter loves to wear a striped sweater with a plaid pants to go to school? Let‘s do it! As you face the fear of being judged by others, which will be a great year. On the other hand, you will authorize to be herself, which is the greatest gift you can do to him.

By applying these strategies, you will free yourself every day a little more weight you carry this for far too long. You will give yourself the chance to realize your true worth, and you learn to love you without limit in all your imperfection.

By Nathalie MARTIN


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