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Laurent Fendt: “Being in the Here and Now”

Laurent Fendt, radio host and counselor human relations kindly enlighten us on its commitments and motivations. He mentions the importance of walking in search of a better self-knowledge and a wellness inside.

For FP, the star of “Here and Now” has graciously lent in a question / answer moderator.

You are radio presenter on Here and Now” for nearly 12 years. How to define this radio?

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It is a radio that exists since 1980, pioneer of free radio, it was created by Didier de Plaige.

It covers essential topics, unpretentious, wish to open awareness across all areas of life: Economic, political, eco-sociétalisme, alternative medicine or alternative, self-awakening, ecology body and soul of mind.

We are working without a net when we’re on the air. Anyone can call to give his views on the subject being treated. No censorship. Only the name is required. The name of the radio can also refer to the Buddhist vision that invites us to see reality as it is in the present moment, without casting his mind on a past that is gone and a future that is just speculation .

Your creed is self-knowledge. Do you come to the knowledge of your inner self? If so, how?

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Broad question! Let’s say I‘m on my way to humanity. However, it is clear to me that I know a great extent, at least enough to be someone who takes his life without the feeling of being a victim of events which occur in the latter.
Meditation, traveling, going to the unknown, to connect to nature, listen to guests and read books, drink from any source we raise ourselves are key to understanding what we really are. However, anything can be a source of learning from the moment we left with a child’s mind open.

You are human relations counselor. What are the qualities that it requires?

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Learn to listen to others. The art of listening is knowing accommodate the apparent difference, full, so without judgment and without thoughts of what is in front of us, be it a word, a picture, an animal, a plant or object seemingly inanimate.

Learn Listening, Looking knowledge, know Smelling, whether express all the senses we have, it comes down to Greet.

The Home is not just passive, it is also action. From the moment I am fully in this home, there is a space created in me. A space which can be for a timeover. You are fully in the here and now. Which is present at such a point a transmitting / receiving antenna over 360 °.

A pointlike, and around which everything. There is nothing but the object of my attention. My personality, body / mind Fendt Laurent is gone, I no longer feel separated from all that is seen in the present moment.

The object of my attention was received with such acuity that images arrive, I can say, intuitions translated into images, words, in postures, gestures.

During these moments of Being all that is here and now, and around me, to be in this home to what is, leads me to feel sensations running through my body, sent by my 5 meaning, echoing what was said, seen, tasted, smelled and felt.

I call this levy. Drill to see.

Perceive who the other beyond appearances, masks and packs. The unconscious speaks to everyone. It is to listen to what the person does not express verbally.

Vous marchez souvent en direction du Mont Saint Michel. Pourquoi ?

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It is not a religion but learning who we are, a form of secular spirituality. A way back to the essence of who we are.

We are nomads on this planet, and walk reconnects us to what we really are, pilgrims journey towards ourselves.

Western societies tend to be sclerosing aseptisantes. We tend to not move through this body which is our compass by the signs he sends us. We are cut off from our feelings, our emotions.
Yet we are just like the water that is the expression of life. Water should be moving for it to be invigorating. A dead water is water that is stagnant is languishing.

Bertrand Leroy, author of “The mysterious door of Mont-Saint-Michel, the path of Daath( with whom I organize these marches, found the old paths that took pilgrims in the Middle Ages.

These are actually the cosmo-telluric paths share the Schumann and Hartmann networks that crisscross the Earth. The geobiologists have good knowledge of these networks, these energy grids.

As I said, the human being is an antenna between Heaven and Earth, through which electromagnetic waves.

Walking on the Lays as they are called, operates energy work in us I would call alchemy. It operates there a release us.

In addition, a biochemical point of view, there are particular phenomena that open us as we journey.

David Servan Schreiber speaks very well of cardiac coherence.

Walking invites us to find our own heartbeat. The heart beats at a rate consistent with the rhythm of our steps. Our rate is not that of the other.

In a society that tends to unify people, we all increasingly aware that we are unique without being tempted to discriminate against each other‘s differences. Each advance at their own pace.

In addition, the cardiac coherence will bring the two cerebral hemispheres to work together. The left brain, that of reason, which is predominant in operation during our days (Beta waves) joins with the right hemisphere, that of intuition, dreams and imagination, putting us in a state expanded consciousness (Alpha waves). Our thoughts are less prevalent, while revealing a deeper part of who we are.

There is also the factor to go with a backpack loaded with the essentials to make a march of four days.

To accommodate the new, must still empty their interior trim. This allows us to rediscover the essence of sharing, solidarity, openness of heart

Walk this way is a very good metaphor for how we should approach our lives. Experience the trail reconnects us to that.

It is a way to regain autonomy. Skip confidence to faith to ourselves to take charge of our destiny.

What are your favorite books?

Laurent Fendt profilI have not actually seen the work I do. I do not stop to find out That being said, I have several that have profoundly affected me. The bestseller Conversations with Godby Neale Donald Walsch. Another best seller, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Invitation to the unthinkableWayne Liquorman and Duo of One” of RameshBalsekar.

I could read these books without getting bored because we learn self every time you play.

What is the best definition of love?

Laurent Fendt profilWelcome to know what is without judgment. This does not mean that one has no preference.

What does your ideal woman?

Laurent Fendt profilOne who loves me for who I am and I love it for what it is.

By Claire Renee Mendy.

Invitation - Walking: Mont-Saint-Michel - 29-09-2014

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