Le livre d’art « Elégances Africaines » réédité

Published by Editions Aternatives (Gallimard) in 2002 and written by the Senegalese journalist Renée Mendy-Ongoundou “African elegance” is available again.  For all lovers of fashion and textiles from Africa, this beautiful book is a timeless “must have”.

Through images and colors of yesterday and today, the author shares her vision of African fashion, or rather of African fashions from Dakar to Johannesburg via Abidjan, the creations are alive, dynamic, always singular and with an ancestral tradition. It is the very strength of African-inspired creations. True visual languages, traditional fabrics tell elegant and enigmatic history of people. For those who can decode these often geometric symbols, there is no best time travel.

Since there is no garment without textile, “African elegance” while highlighting a young African fashion, modern and original, is also a tribute to the weavers, true custodians of a priceless heritage.
Among designers presented in this book, some are very well known in their country and even abroad, the majority is much less so, but all have a real “creative influence”. French or English speakers, they come from a dozen countries. Each of them have a unique style to rival the greatest.

No need to be African to recognize oneself  in this wonderful book. Everyone will surely find his/her happiness and ideas for clothing with an authentic African flair. While remaining oneself.
If Western and Asian designers are sometimes inspired by Africa, it is a proof that the creative genius of the original continent, which carries with it the joy of living of its high color people still continues to inspire the world.

“African elegance” is the first investigation on African fashion to be published in France. It is again available from the author who, in addition, will offer a dedication on request.


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Elegances Africaines


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