Leila Chicot

Leila Chicot, the splendor of style and beauty of a voice

A soft and soothing voice like a caress, a thinly veiled stamp, stamped with a carnal affection.

Born in Paris of a father and Guadeloupe Martinique mother and grown in a city of Point-à-Pitre, the former Karukera Leila Chicot is the face of undeniable zouk-love, inexhaustible reservoir Creole sentimentalism .

Former Miss Carnival in 1996, four years after she released her first album, Excess, which allows him to climb all levels of awareness until the publication in 2009 of Renaissance.

First star of a kind that wreaked havoc in the Caribbean over the past thirty years and a lot of followers in Africa, especially in Cape Verde, Gabon and Côte d’Ivoire sacred Leila requires the public with his own style, a sassy combination of innocence and mischief.

In Heavenly Love (Aztec Music / Colors Music), recently released his latest album, the singer accept the love ballad with grace and enthusiasm, accompanied by languid guitars and binary beat sensual undulations.

April 20 at the Cabaret Sauvage, the prestigious Parisian theater world music located in the 19th arrondissement, the vocalist of Sixth Continent celebrated 20 years of career ahead dazzled by soaring melodies public.

His fans call it the Divine and Leila Chicot stresses about his compositions, she loves writing in the sky.

But the charm of his songs and the reasons for its success remain mostly in the encounter of an air breath, almost spiritual, with fiery sensuality of the earth where his roots.


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Polyvalente, je teste pour vous des spas, des lieux atypiques, des produits beauté ou de nouveaux objets destinés à émerveiller notre quotidien. J'aime la vie. Les voyages. La slow food. Le développement personnel. Je suis une jeune femme d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

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