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Ayurvedic powders: Natural Care for your hair

“Ayurvedic” in Hindi means “science of life”. From traditional medicine, ayurvedic powders are rooted in the beauty rituals of Indian women. Whether hair or skin, these natural products are small wonders to enliven us. Less aggressive than usual products, ayurveda and its many properties, has not finished surprising us.

The powders are used in hair mask, mixed with water, or shampoo. Each ayurvedic powder comes from a plant that provides targeted action and spectacular results. The alma powder that comes from a fruit of the same nomest the most widespread: it promotes growth and enhances shine. Brahmi powder, from a wild plant, acts as an anti-dandruff and helps strengthen the body and shine of hair. The shikakai powder extracted from a fruit, is used more readily as a natural shampoo that deep cleans and stimulates hair growth while increasing the volume.

Hint: to maximize the effectiveness of the mixture, add a small amount, a natural oils known for their benefit (coconut oil, castor oil, jasmine oil, etc …).

Ayurvedic powders suitable for all hair types: from the caucasian curly hair. The price of a mane dream? Between 2 and 5 euros just for a bag of powder. If you like plants and natural care, let us surprise you!

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By Mathilde Lamraoui

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