Le lâcher-prise partie2

Letting go (Part II)

Jean Klein was born in Berlin in 1912. Native of Central Europe, it has been naturalized French after the end of the war. French author and spiritual leader, he was also a doctor by training, and musicologist. He learned the violin at the age of seven, and taught singing, from 1948. Jean Klein is at the origin of several books in French and English, with collections of interviews. He taught for many years, yoga in France and in various European countries (Switzerland, where he resides partly, Italy, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Netherlands). Throughout his life, he has taught courses (through Europe and the United States) teaching philosophy and non-duality whose contributions to Western sensibilities are recognized by many contemporary authors also say heirs of his teachings. Who better than he could direct this dedicated this week, letting go under? About the latter, I often like to revisit the evidence of his experiments: “A complete change occurs one evening on Marine Drive in Mumbai. I watched the birds and suddenly I was completely gripped by them, as if it was happening to me. I actually had knowledge, awareness of myself. The next morning, with the variety of everyday life, I knew that my understanding of Being was a reality. Life flowed without interference from the ego. I was in a unique peace. Any separation between you and me disappeared into the unit. I am known in the immediacy of the present moment, in freedom, fullness, pure joy. I felt a total gratitude and not through a sense of affection. My master gave me the understanding of truth, I lived bright reality. ” This is one of his best stories about the encounter with oneself. “

May the force be given to me to endure what can not be changed and the courage to change what can be but also the wisdom to distinguish one from the other. ” These words are neither Boethius or Saint Francis of Assisi less Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr as has often been said. They are Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic philosopher to whom they were taken in different contexts. My God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Who among us has never heard or whispered the famous petition called the Serenity Prayer? This prayer invites us to get the wisdom to know the difference between the changeable and unchangeable. To achieve this we must let go.

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