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Lisa Simone, a free woman

We find her in a Parisian hotel where she stays during the promotion of her first album, “All is well” (Laborie Jazz 30). She welcomes us with a beautiful and broad smile, and especially with the heart, as evidenced by our interview. The beautiful Lisa Simone, daughter of Nina Simone the jazz icon, has certainly found her calling. One which brings her, twenty years after she wrote her first song, “The child in me”, to release her first album at 52 years.

After eleven years in the US Air Force, Lisa chooses, at age 28, to follow her heart and become a singer. In particular, she will interpret the success of her mother. Today, she sings her own songs, including “Finally free”. Finally free, because she has chosen to pursue her own way, while retaining the legacy of her mother. It is under the spotlight, in the first line, she indulges in eleven songs, eight of which are written by her. We discover a woman who has understood the importance of “the power of choice,” to move forward in life with humility and honesty, but also by loving oneself. Simply. The artist with a strong and deep voice has chosen to drink life in a glass half full rather than half empty. Ultimately, “All is well !”. Indeed, “all is well! “.

By Claire Renée Mendy.

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