Le petit Larousse illustré 2015 fête ses 110 ans

Little Larousse Illustrated 2015 celebrates 110 years

Since its inception in 1905, the Petit Larousse illustrated set itself the ambitious goal of educating “everyone on all things.” Indeed, the dictionary-present in two areas in three, is aimed at both parents and children. These illustrations provide a lightweight in this collection of universal knowledge. Le Petit Larousse account 62,500 words, 178,000 definitions, 5,500 drawings, plus a universal illustrated chronology; what quench the thirst for knowledge of many. Each year adds 150 new words “that are definitely included in our everyday language” and reflects “the evolution of the French language in time”, explains Carine Girac-Mariner, director of the department Dictionaries & Encyclopedias Larousse . Among the new incoming personalities, we have among other actresses Charlotte Rampling and Nicole Kidman. And this year for the 110 years of the Petit Larousse, creator of Jean-Charles Castelbajac fashion was chosen to offer new coverage pages and guards as well as initials. So fashion and so this new cultural petit Larousse!

By Yasmina Latrine

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