Vivre avec un sein

Live with a breast, a difference that can be well lived

Each year, 50,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed. One in 9 women will be reached during his life. Every year in France, about 15,000 women with breast cancer learn they will undergo removal of a breast. Nothing is said of them that they will become, of what they will look like. In some hospitals, they are asked to make an “immediate reconstruction“, which consists of replacing during the same operation, a breast surgically remodeled in sick. Moreover, they are advised to postpone the “reconstruction”, wait a few months to make their decision. In the French press, articles on breast cancer affect women who have chosen to make a “reconstruction” evidence to support it, as if the thousands of women who have one breast did not exist almost exclusively. Still, 350,000 women in France today, chose not to breast reconstruction after breast cancer.

Annick Parent, a former clinical psychologist, author of “Journey of an Amazon” published Hellebore; faced with this situation in 2000, decided to establish the association “Amazons are exposed.” The trigger occurs on the day when one of his American friends sent him a magazine containing pictures of the photographer Art Myers where amazons pose, happy, along with their spouses. Why Amazons? In mythology, the Amazons are a nation of warriors who cut off one breast to be less bothered by pulling the bow. As warriors of Greek myth, women who undergo breast removal familiar asymmetry of their bodies. The modern-day Amazons are women who have had to fight against cancer, but not against men, fortunately!The Amazons are exposedare betting, through artistic creations, to change the look that bears their allowing us to familiarize ourselves with what is not seen ever. Woman with one breast “She organizes exhibitions, shows and videos featuring amazons objective.. familiar with these women who have one breast and show that this difference can be, over time, well lived Through it, we begins to see and hear women who, having accepted their differences, have found a balance, well-being. taking difficult decision can not be made knowingly by lack of information about “becoming amazon . “Also, the Amazons are appealing to all the Amazons of the world that this disease is more stigmatizing. Upload your pictures! They will allow women who will be effected to imagine the coming change and to dramatize. You also contribute by participating in the various activities that lead the Amazons by multiplying their images. They need your support, because outside of a fierce energy, they need to finance their projects exist.

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