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You have done the fiesta and ate plenty of good food during the seasons holidays?  A new year begins with a lot of new resolutions, hopes and expectations. With 2015, the buzz of the week is back  to boost our positivity, remember that the best gift to give to our loved ones is to spend more time with them. In short, this week we will again stay in this bubble of positivity and love. So be kind, positive and love each other! Happy New Year to all! 

With the start of the new year come new resolutions, this is the opportunity to fill positivity and act for a better world, for the world you want. “Let’s change the World *” is a video that collects the testimony of young people around the world on their definition of “Nicer Place *”. A call to action for the world we want for 2015.

Back to the Christmas spirit with this video at the initiative of the Swedish brand IKEA, Spain. Ten families were invited to participate in an experiment to find the ideal gift would their children. Their response reminds us that Christmas gifts do not cost necessarily money.

Young American artist based in Buffalo, NY, Maude White is an expert cutting. She performs compositions after hundreds of hours of drawing and careful cutting.


Drawings on white paper, cut it accurately and puts it over relatively dark backgrounds to better showcase her work. Surprising achievements!

1000 cups of coffee cream and a love story together for a short animated film called “Latte Motion”. Your cup of coffee latte like you’ve never seen!

Now that we have enjoyed Christmas Eve as it should be, and if our four-legged animals, also celebrating the event. Here’s a little funny and light video!

By Mistoura Yessoufou

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